5 Tips To Sticking To Your 2019 New Years Resolution

Nobody wants to be that person in 2019 who creates a whole scheme of new years resolutions, and cant stick with any of them. Staying on track with any goal can be difficult, but achievable. Separating ourselves from others, focusing on thoughts that don’t really matter, and creating a space for us to thrive in are just some of the few tactics used to achieve and follow through with goals. Of course, having heavy focus and determination helps, but we need to look at the underlying causes of us not being able to easily reach our goals.

When talking about the meaning of an “environment”, we tend to think of everything around us. Well, it is basically everything around us, but we need to be looking at the closer, and deeper meaning of what it holds. The environment holds energies in which we cannot see, but our body’s physically change, and we notice when energy isn’t positive. Its almost as if we have a built in defense mechanism around our aura.

  1. Write Down Your Goals- Choose 10 realistic goals, next to each goal, develop a timeline for when you desire to achieve those goals.

  2. Develop a healthy, simple lifestyle/ diet plan- Here we link you to vegan diet plans to keep your mind and body as clear as possible.

  3. Learn as much as possible- Reading books, trying new things, cooking new recipes are all great ways to grow ones brain. One great book to read is Jen Sincero’s “You Are a Badass”. Its simple, and straight to the point. It can help kick start the New Year.

  4. Journal Logging- Writing in a journal each day can help people stay up to date with their fast paced life. Each night, write about the day you had and 3 new things you learned about. You can even write 3 things you are grateful for.

  5. Develop a daily routine- Developing a daily routine is scientifically proven to help a person in their daily life by making their days way easier. For example, waking up a little bit earlier to finish make morning coffee before going to work, making the bed, or even performing a hobby each day can help the day go by smoother. This way your schedule isnt jumbled around. Being able to complete daily tasks will be much easier.

Tommaso Abbattiscianni