Overcoming Fear & Anxiety


Like most of us, i struggle with fear and anxiety.  The fear of nothing. . I would ask myself why I’m feeling anxious or fearful  and I would have zero clue what I was so anxious about. After years of taking “medication”, seeing therapists, and researching my illness, I got fed up--nothing was working. I was diagnosed with ADD and anxiety, which surprised me because deep down I felt that  nothing was wrong with me, or if there was it could be fixed. I was determined to change my brain chemistry and get to the bottom of this.

Step 1- Accept  these feelings and become  aware of the anxiety. It might not make sense now, but it will later. The next time you become anxious or become fearful of anything, ask yourself what the onset of that feeling was. For example, sometimes at work I get this sudden rush of anxiety and It eats me up not knowing why I feel this way. But I reflect on what could have triggered this anxiety.  Maybe my boss yelling at me earlier caused me to feel scared. By holding onto that feeling, I became anxious. Some of us have deeper rooted anxiety and anything can cause a panic attack.

Step 2- Growing up as a kid, did you have any issues with friends and family?Were you bullied in school? Ask yourself these questions. All these things matter when a child's brain is developing. Anxiety can stay with us our whole life and haunt us but we have the power to let it go. Figuring out these deep rooted issues are an amazing way of letting go. Try meditation. Sitting in silence and listening to your thoughts can help this process. Acknowledge the thoughts you’re having and if any of them bring anxiety or fear. Taking notice of these things will help you change the chemistry of your thinking. It's not an easy process and it won't happen overnight, but focusing on your thoughts daily and realizing what the onset is or was will eventually come natural.

Step 3- Incorporating a healthy diet and lifestyle can benefit your mind. Having a healthy gut has been proven to clear your mind. Eating fruits and vegetables will make you feel better mentally and physically. Committing to an exercise routine with a minimum 3 days of physical activity is also essential in maintaining a healthy mood. Click here for Funk’s 3 Day Colon Cleanse.

Try to stay away from any medication, or any other dangerous alternative.

Focus on committing to these steps and within a couple of weeks you will notice major differences in the way you’re living. You can always contact us if you have any questions!

Tommaso Abbattiscianni